REVIEW – Advent calendar 16 December

With today we’re already two thirds through the calendar. Sad to think that after just another 8 days there will be no calendar awaiting you in the morning. I really hope it sold so well it will be back again in 2020. But let’s focus on the positive – like today’s model which was a really cool addition…

16 December model review

The chessboard we got today is definitely among the better ones. Firstly, a good game of wizard chess is a favourite hobby of Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Gryffindor common room. Secondly, we got a large number of parts – 17 for the board, 10 for the chess pieces and another six spares, for a total of 33!


Thirdly, it simply looks great. I know some may already have built their own chess tables (I have one using silver and bronze figures), but for many, it will be their first. And it is nicely done with a variety of chess pieces.

It is great for Harry, Ron and Hermione to have other stuff to do than simply sit down and eat. Otherwise, I’d have had to build them a treadmill in January.

The only problem is that the current tables we have got are too high for them to really work. Maybe we’ll get a better solution later. Otherwise a center 2×2 brick in dark bluish grey or four 1×1 round dark bluish grey bricks in each corner should do the trick.


With the high piece count and beautiful design (and being a very relevant model), I’m leaning towards another top score, though a little devil inside my head keeps saying I’m too nice. I’ll ignore him (once again) and award today’s model five out of five House points.

Have I started inflating the scoring table (again)? Or is that actually a reasonable score? And will I have to award another top score tomorrow? We’ll know in just one day, as I add another entry to the review page

Till then, Build the Magic

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