REVIEW – Advent calendar 15 December

Welcome to Sunday 15 December. Yesterday was great with another minifigure to the collection. But does that mean more furniture for the Great Hall today? I’m (not so) secretly hoping for a micro-scale built, but lets see what the calendar has for use this Sunday morning…

15 December model review

What a pleasant surprise! We “almost” got another minifigure today – a snowman. It features a black wizard hat and an orange scarf. It would have been so cool if it was in the colour of any of the Hogwarts houses, but it’s currently only available in orange. The design of the piece is excellent though – and one of the few pieces that fit between torso and head and still allows the head to be completely pressed down – no small height extension of the neck, which often looks weird.

With 11 pieces (nine for the snowman and two spares), it is a decent model and the wizard hat is a nice touch.


This model is the first that really belongs to the snow-covered outdoor area. It is perfect for Harry and Ron to play with in the snow with the knitted jumpers from Molly Weasley keeping them warm.


It is a nice seasonal piece to include and while the scarf in any of the Hogwarts colours would have been great even with it in orange, I’ll will award it four out of five House points.

What will come next? There are fewer and fewer lids left to open. Join me again tomorrow to see on the review page.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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