REVIEW – Advent calendar 19 December

Christmas is approaching fast and there are not many lids left to open on the advent calendar. Following the minifigure yesterday, I assume we’ll get a normal model today. But what? Another table? I’m always hoping for something new – and that is what we got today…

19 December model review

When you have been out building snowmen on the cold, snow-covered Hogwarts grounds, it is nice to come inside the castle and warm up in front of the cozy fireplace. So luckily, that is what we got today.

The model have quite a few larger pieces, and a pretty good piece count overall – 17 plus another four spare pieces.

And it does look great when built – complete with a Christmas wreath!


Moving the existing models around we can just fit the fireplace along the back wall.


It is a great model with some interesting pieces, and a Christmas theme, so I’ll award it five out of five House points.

Only five models left – what will come next? Check back on the review page tomorrow to see…

Till then, Build the Magic!





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