REVIEW – Advent calendar 18 December

Having recovered from my cold (mostly at least), today was a very busy work day so my review is a bit later than usual. It doesn’t remove the excitement of looking into what will be revealed under today’s lid in the the calendar. Compared to yesterday’s model, it was a good step up. Read on to see why…

18 December model review

Today was a good day giving us another minifigure, this time Professor Filius Flitwick. He is the charms professor at Hogwarts, head of the Ravenclaw house and conductor of the Frog Choir at Hogwarts.

As minifigure, he used to be very rare – appearing in the rather expensive 2010 Hogwarts castle (set 4842). But since he was included in the 2018 Harry Potter Collectable Minifigure (CMF) Series, he is now relatively common.

The version we got today has a brand new torso – with him just wearing a white shirt and grey waistcoat and no jacket (unlike the previous versions). The head piece is also new, with two different facial expressions (with one side similar to the one from the CMF series).

It is a good representation of the professor and I really appreciate that it is a different version from the CMF version.

It would however had been awesome getting him in his Yule ball attire (black jacket, white waistcoat and bowtie), adding to the Yule ball characters we got with the Clocktower (set 75948). Unfortunately, the bowtie piece is not yet available in white either.


Or even better again – it could have been a version representing the Flitwick as seen in the first movie.


I’ve redecorated my Great Hall now, creating a teachers table with McGonagall and Flitwick. Maybe they will get company in the next few days?


It is nice getting a new version of one of the more important Hogwarts professors. While not particularly associated with Christmas, I’ll still award it 4.5 out of five House points, pulled up by the two new parts we got.

With a minifigure being today’s model, I assume tomorrow we’ll be getting something else. More food for the tables? Or some toys for playing out in the snow? Check back tomorrow to see…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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