REVIEW – Advent calendar 17 December

Slowly recovering from a cold, I actually had plenty of time this morning dwelling into the advent calendar. Waiting for my coffee to finish, I sad wondering what today’s model might be. Would we once again get furniture for the Great Hall? Or maybe another minifigure? Once I had got the first sip of my coffee I opened the lid…

Yesterday’s model was awesome for sure and I fully expected something less. And it was. We got the Hufflepuff banner – so now we got all four House banners. I think most people would have guessed this was coming.

It has exactly the same design and piece count as the previous three, but this time both flag pieces are all quite common (nothing new or rare). And having seen three banners before that, it was nothing to get too exited about.

I do appreciate that the Hufflepuff and Rawenclaw houses have seen a lot more focus in the 2018/19 Harry Potter sets than previously. For Hufflepuff we now have both Cedric Diggory (multiple versions) and Susan Bones available as minifigures. Previously, we only had Professor Sprout (head of the Hufflepuff house).

Here are the four house banners. They do look great together.


You can just fit them all four along the back wall of the Great Hall illustration on the advent calendar flap.


As of score, I will give it the usual average score of three out of five House points because while the piece count is low and we have seen it before, it is a nice design and I appreciate that the Hufflepuff and Rawenclaw houses were not forgotten.

With all four banners in place, I wonder what we will be getting next. It is getting really crowded in the Great Hall. Maybe something for the outside again? Check back on the review page again tomorrow and see.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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