20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter – Winner of MOC competition

I think most readers will have realised by now that this year is the 20th anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter, as I’ve covered this extensively in the last few months. You may also remember that I did run a MOC (My Own Creation) competition to celebrate this anniversary, and maybe even wondered who won. Well, wait no more, as I here will be announcing the winner…

In the last month or so, I’ve been doing a number of posts about the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter.

You may also want to check out the post about my visit to the Brickzone, where they had all LEGO Harry Potter sets on display. Specifically, I looked at the sets from 2001-2011.

Since, we have also seen the new LEGO Harry Potter sets coming mid 2021, with six of those being 20th Anniversary themed sets. You can see more information about those sets here.

And then of course we had the MOC competition post (which is the reason I can now announce the winner):

Thanks to all who submitted entries. I’m pleased to see that so many was willing to play along. And also a big thank you to the two judges:

As it turned out I knew one of the contestants, I stepped aside and let the judging be done by Richard and Cade alone.

Winner – Hogwarts Castle in the snow

A big congratulations to Matthew (AKA MT_Brickworks), who won the competition with the following display. It features a number of the key Hogwarts buildings within a compact setup. It is built in the style of the 2010-11 series sets, and the reference to the older sets is a nice touch to an anniversary competition. One of the judges, Richard noted:

Great coverage of entire Hogwarts location, I really like the narrow scale train build.

View to Hogwarts with Hogwarts Express in the front

Runner up – Hogsmeade Station

Close behind was the following entry from Russell. He has built a stunning model of Hogsmeade train station. Cade commented:

The train platform with complete surrounds is very immersive and gives the sense of a much bigger world. The choice of brick colours throughout the station; tan, grey and brown, coupled with the red accents are very striking.

Here are a few photos of Russell’s MOC. It is a very accurate representation of the location used for the early movies. Welcome to Hogsmeade!

Third place – The Sorting Ceremony

On the third place, we got a nice MOC of the sorting ceremony by “Professor Flitbrick”. Richard commented:

No doubt as to the focus of this important event in the life of Hogwarts. I love the house points meters, as well as the owl, and the expectant student crowd.

As far as I can see, the student will spin around along with the spinner, which will tell which house the student belongs to. Great idea!

Here is a closer look at the house point meter.

Honorable mentions

Here are some of the other entries that impressed the judges.

The below entry by Jerry showing Harry and Dumbledore caught the attention of Cade:

Great use of minifigure parts to recreate the characters and nice effect to create the portrait itself. A fun and creative MOC.

The final entry I’ll mention here is the following Hogwarts setup by Cole, not only based on supersizing some of the recent sets, but also adding new buildings along on the way. A new addition is the Entrance Hall complete with the statue of the Hogwarts Architect. Richard noted:

Looks like it is brewing into an interesting version of the school. Nice cross-section of the school, with accessible interior.


This is all for now. Once again, thanks to all who submitted, to the judges and not least to LEGO for providing the prize.

Looking forward, I haven’t got any firm plans for new MOC competitions, but I think I will do one in the later half of the year. Look out for the announcement – and have a go with an entry or two. Remember, you need to be in the competition to win!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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