New LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia coming in 2023

We have seen a lot of new Harry Potter figures released in recent years – and the otherwise excellent 2012 book LEGO Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World obviously misses all of those. It is therefore great news that a new LEGO Harry Potter character encyclopedia is coming next year. This is what we know…

From 2001 to 2011, LEGO released several waves of Harry Potter sets, typically to coincide with movie releases. Many of the characters from the movies found themselves made into minifigure form and all of those were described in 2012 in LEGO Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World released by DK Books.

On 144 pages, it covered the all the Harry Potter themed minifigures released at that time. A couple of example pages are shown below:

Since the Harry Potter theme’s revival in 2018, we’ve seen a lot of new minifigures added – both improved versions of old figures, but also many new characters added, which we missed out on in 2001-2011.

So I was pleased to see Penguin Random House now announcing an upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia, also from DK Books, which should cover more than 200 minifigures!

The book is due 4 July 2023. Here is what is teased on the website:


Get to know more than 200 minifigures from the LEGO Harry Potter world – including an exclusive new minifigure to add to your collection!

Whether wizards, Muggles, friends, or foes, find out about all your favorite Hogwarts students and teachers, as well as creatures and other characters. Meet Harry’s friends Ron, Hermione, and Ginny; Hogwarts’ teachers including Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, and Sprout; plus, Hagrid, Dobby, and other popular characters from the Wizarding World.

Discover all the most popular LEGO Harry Potter minifigures as well as rare and unique minifigures you may never have seen before in the LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia – the ultimate handbook for fans of LEGO Harry Potter.

As most of these books (at least the larger ones) it includes an exclusive minifigure. While it is non-descriptive on the book cover, the page itself

Are you as exited as me? Let me know what you think and which exclusive version LEGO Harry Potter minifigure you would like! Better get back to building my Hogwarts Express. You’ll see posts about it soon.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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