Exclusive minifigure of Rita Skeeter coming in 2023

Less than a month ago, I wrote about the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia due to be published in July 2023. Its listing suggested that would be with an exclusive Harry Potter minifigure, but the latest photos uploaded to amazon.co.uk reveal it is another character we’ll get. Rita Skeeter will be coming, which is great news, as she’s rather iconic (yet uncharming) character. Read on for the details…

I’ve been travelling, so there are a few Harry Potter related news to catch up on, including this one.

Who is Rita Skeeter?

Rita Skeeter is the journalist we meet in the Goblet of Fire. She writes for the Daily Prophet and doesn’t shy away from adding to stories to make them better (for her).

I’ve long felt that she was missing as minifigure – to the extent that I created my own custom version, which you can read about here.

She is animagus, and when she is captured in a jar in her animal form as beetle, this can well be represented by an existing LEGO piece as discussed here.

As we hadn’t seen Rita Skeeter as a minifigure at this point, I thought it could be an obvious minifigure to include in a Harry Potter collectable minifigure (CMF) series 3.

Upcoming LEGO minifigure

The latest series of photos of the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia posted on amazon.co.uk reveals that Rita Skeeter is the upcoming exclusive figure from the book, while the original listing otherwise had said it was a Harry Potter minifigure.

Below you can see a few photos of pages from the book, also from amazon.co.uk.

I am very much looking forward to this addition. Any other figures you are missing from the official releases? Will her appearance now make a future LEGO Harry Potter Collectable Minifigure Series 3 less likely? Time will tell…

Till then – Build the Magic!

3 thoughts on “Exclusive minifigure of Rita Skeeter coming in 2023

  1. Have you seen all the new HP sets on LEGO.com? Very excited about the House Crests / Common Rooms, but where is Hufflepuff???!!


    1. Yes, I’ve seen the new sets. They look pretty amazing. Once I’m back by my laptop, I’ll do a post or two about the sets. There should be a Hufflepuff crest too


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