Exclusive minifigure of Rita Skeeter coming in 2023

Less than a month ago, I wrote about the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia due to be published in July 2023. Its listing suggested that would be with an exclusive Harry Potter minifigure, but the latest photos uploaded to Amazon.com reveal it is another character we'll get. Rita Skeeter will be coming, which is great news, as she's rather iconic (yet uncharming) character. Read on for the details...

Make your own Rita Skeeter

Everyone hates Dolores Umbridge, period. But there are other villains in Harry Potter, including Voldemort of course. Fairly high on my list of nasty personalities is Rita Skeeter, a journalist of the Daily Prophet wizarding newspaper.  She invented fake news years before it was even discussed in the Muggle world. I made a minifigure of her for my display at Comic-con back in September, but have only now found the time to write a post about it.