The Beetle – Rita Skeeter revisited

A while ago I wrote a blog post story about Rita Skeeter as part of my “make-your-own” series on my minifigures page. I’ve since got a few more things to add – not least a neat representation of Rita in her animagus form. Here are the details…

Firstly, I’ve now completed the Daily Prophet office for Diagon Alley (on the corner where it joins up with Knockturn Alley – as at least Rita does have a dark side to her). The office has a small balcony where Rita Skeeter can stand and look for exiting stories to write about (not that she need anything to be sensational – her pen will make that happen all by itself). I’ll do a more comprehensive post later on covering that building as I’ve done with my other Diagon Alley locations.

My custom Rita Skeeter at the Daily Prophet office at Diagon Alley

Secondly, I’ve made an alternative version of Rita using just a single brick!

We remember from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that Harry, Ron and Hermione were curious how Rita had some of the facts for her sensational stories posted in the Daily Prophet. How could she have known when she wasn’t there? Maybe she had you bugged, Harry suggested to Hermione.

“Maybe she had you bugged,” said Harry. “Bugged?” said Ron blanky. “What… put fleas on her or something?” Harry started explaining about hidden microphones and recording equipment. Ron was fascinated, but Hermione interrupted them.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 28

“Bugged” – that statement got Hermione thinking and she – as we learned later – found out Rita Skeeter, was an unregistered animagus who could take form as a beetle. And for this, I have found the perfect LEGO piece, a 1×1 round brick with a beetle print (included in four of the LEGO Elves sets released during 2017-18).

Hello Rita

We learned all about this during the ride back towards London in the Hogwarts Express towards the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as Hermione pulled up a jar with a beetle in it.

‘You’re kidding,’ said Ron. ‘You haven’t – she’s not–’.

‘Oh, yes she is,’ said Hermione happily, brandishing the jar at them.

Inside were a few twigs and leaves, and one large, fat beetle.

‘That’s never – you’re kidding –’ Ron whispered, lifting the jar to his eyes.

‘No, I’m not,’ said Hermione, beaming. ‘I caught her on the window-sill in the hospital wing. Look very closely, and you’ll notice the markings around her antennae are exactly like those foul glasses she wears.’

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 37

Here’s my recreation of this scene showing Rita trapped in the jar.

For background effect on the bright blue sky, a few 3×5 cloud shaped tiles from Unikitty make wonders.

Next up, I want to do a photo from the hospital wing from the Hogwarts Clock Tower set with Hermione catching it in the window sill. It will require a bit of rebuilding to have access to the windows. Stay tuned.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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