REVIEW: Advent calendar 3 December 2022

After a big model to start with and a more average (but easier to recognise) model yesterday, I’m looking forward to see what’s waiting behind door number 3. Read on to see what we got…

I realised yesterday, that the symbols on the doors for each day refers to specific movies, with three doors for each of the eight movies. They seem to come in sequence, so today’s door had the symbol of the first movie – similar to the last two days. But what is behind the door?

3 December model

After two days with micro-scale buildings, we finally got our first minifigure. Not surprisingly, this is Harry Potter. I think he’s been the first minifigure in all Harry Potter advent calendars to date.

Apart from the figure, a tan 2×4 plate was included. At first it surprised me, but then I realised, this is used to differentiate between the movies – all models on a tan plate, will be from movie number 1.

As for the figure, it is a nice figure of Harry Potter in his Gryffindor robes. We’ve had quite a few similar ones, and this particular figure appears identical to the one in the 2021 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets set. They are quite useful though to populate any MOCs (my own creations). It would have been nice with another accessory than simply a wand.

As usual, the figure has a dual printed head with different facial expressions.

Here you can see all three movie 1 sets together.


So, this is an okay minifigure. As noted, I find those in robes useful – to fill up Hogwarts MOCs, either with yet another Harry Potter, or use the torso and legs with another head and hair piece to create generic students. But there is nothing special about it – though it is a cheaper way to get this particular minifigure than getting the rather expensive Chamber of Secrets set. Because of the usefulness of the uniform, it will just scrape up to an average score of 3 out of 5 house points.

So that was the full wave from movie number one. It has been a bit of a mixed bag. Without surprising many, it looks like we’re up for a model associated with movie 2 tomorrow. But which? Check back tomorrow on the 2022 Advent Calendar page to see what we got.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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