REVIEW: Advent calendar 14 December 2022

Today, we are still building models from the Order of the Phoenix. Will today’s model be easier to recognise than yesterday’s? And will we be back to get a more substantial model after a few days with rather low piece counts. Read on to see what we got…

Yesterday’s model was for many tricky to determine what it represented. As it turned out, it was the Room of Requirement. Would today’s model be easier to figure out?

14 December model

Opening the door, I once again saw the transparent blue and thought we might be back at the Room of Requirement. But once I saw the instructions, I realised that it wasn’t the case.

In terms of piece count, today was a good day, with 28 pieces of which only one was a spare.

Below, you can see how the model is built step by step. It is a rather simple build regardless of the many pieces.

But also today, I was puzzled by the build and what it was meant to represent. I did rather quickly determine this was a scene from the Ministry of Magic, but which? My first thought was the stone archway in the Chamber of Death, but while the scene had a bluish light, it didn’t have anything blue on the sides. So in the end, I’ve settled on this being the Hall of Prophecy, which you can see below. The small blue bricks represent the orbs on the shelves.


From a piece count perspective alone, it’s a good model, but there are many very small pieces and not really any interesting ones. The model is monumental in a way, but I feel they could have found a better location or scene to use for this movie. So the many pieces will only just pull this up to an average score of 3 out of 5 house points.

It has been a couple of rather “average” days. Will tomorrow be any better? Be sure to check back on the 2022 Advent Calendar page to see what we got…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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