Huge Diagon Alley LEGO set officially revealed

One of my favourite LEGO Harry Potter sets is Diagon Alley (Set 10217), which was released back in 2011. Today, LEGO has officially revealed much bigger Diagon Alley (Set 75978) - giving us six of the iconic buildings and no less than 14 minifigures to go with it. It is available for sale from tomorrow. While not cheap, it looks stunning and I'm sure it will be a popular set. Let's see closer at what you get...

Flourish & Blotts – A heaven for book-lovers

As follow up to the LEGO Weasley's Wizard Wheezes MOC I did early in the year, I've finally completed my next Diagon Alley model: the Flourish & Blotts bookstore. As a book-lover I really wanted to build this one - and also because it was one of the shops covered in more detail in the books. It will be part of a larger Diagon Alley display eventually I've got planned. The following may hint on what's coming next.