Will Christmas bring some Yule ball magic – or return of the graveyard?

With no new Harry Potter sets revealed at the New York Toy Fair earlier this month, rumours of future sets are still thick.

The previous list of five sets still seems both plausible and logical, and the potential Advent calendar could be totally awesome.

Emerging photos of potential leaks of torso prints from the Yule ball in the Goblet of Fire has been adding to the speculations.

Minifigs from the Yule ball would fit perfect in an Advent calender, though other rumours have them as appearing in a set, maybe the rumoured Tri-wizard Tournament set.

I’m not going to publish leaked photos here (which may or may not be true), but we have already seen Harry in his Yule ball attire in the 2011 book Harry Potter – Building the magical world from Dorling Kindersley. But he’s all by himself and could use some company.

There are awesome custom made versions of all the key persons at the Yule ball around, including my favourite ones made by Lukas from YouTube channel lego3x11l.

The ball had plenty of interpersonal drama, and seems rather unusual for a playset. I’d be pleased to see a collection of the figures from the ball though one way or another.

Another speculation is that the Tri-wizard Tournament set (as per previously mentioned list of five sets) will be a remake of the 2005 graveyard duel (set 4766).

This is not a kid friendly scene, so I’m not sure why that should be LEGO’s first choice, and I remain skeptical.

The recent Cedric collectible minifigure (CMF) is however a nice companion to the old 2005 graveyard set to complete the scene.


For 2019, my expectation for a Tri-wizard Tournament set (should such be released) is still for a relatively small set ($30-$40) and the Merpeople rescue seems best suited for that, though I secretly may hope for a new Hungarian Horntail dragon (as from set 4767), but such a set would have a higher price point. I would rather expect the larger sets to feature the Knight Bus, Hagrids Hut and an additional section of Hogwarts as discussed on the previous list.

The Hungarian Horntail – one of my most treasured sets!

Alternative scenes that could be made are:

  • The labyrinth (tournament task 3), which hasn’t been made as Lego set yet (the 2005 sets covered tasks 1 and 2).
  • The Halloween party, where the names of the contestants were drawn from the goblet (which I recreated for my Halloween post – see photo below).
  • The Prefects bathroom, where Moaning Myrtle surprises Harry in the bathtub and reveals the secret of the golden egg (I really want Moaning Myrtle, but I can’t see LEGO making that scene as a set).
Wait, there is a fourth name in the goblet. Harry Potter!

Time will tell.

Till then, build the magic.

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