Six new LEGO Harry Potter sets due in March 2023

It has been a busy month for me travelling. While I had planned it so I could continue my daily advent calendar review posts, I couldn't keep up with the other news, such as the official photos revealed of the new Harry Potter sets due 1 March 2023. So now where I'm back where my laptop is, let's have a look at what's coming...

REVIEW: Hungarian Horntail Dragon

The next wave of LEGO Harry Potter sets is coming soon and LEGO has kindly provided me with copies of most sets to make early reviews of what to expect. This year we are getting yet another "kinetic" model of a flying creature, with the Hungarian Horntail dragon joining Hedwig and Fawkes. Is that one to add to your collection? Here are my thoughts...

Bubble-head charm

I've been building a series of MOCs lately to cover different scenes from the Goblet of Fire, including the Second Challenge of the Tri-wizard Tournament. The Rescue from the Merpeople set from 2005 gave us contestants Harry Potter and Viktor Krum. The other two contestants, Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory were however not included in the set, and both used the bubble-head charm to help them. This is how I added them...

REVIEW: Hungarian Horntail Tri-wizard Challenge

75946 - Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge With the first wave of the 2019 Harry Potter sets now available in North America as well, I better get on with my review of the 2019 sets. This time I'll have a look at the Hungarian Horntail set. It covers the first Tri-wizard Tournament task, which has been … Continue reading REVIEW: Hungarian Horntail Tri-wizard Challenge

New 2019 Harry Potter sets – first impressions!

Sometimes you want rumours to be true, other times not. This time I really hoped the rumoured Harry Potter sets (as per earlier post) would be confirmed, and today finally, official photos of the 2019 Wizarding World of Harry Potter line-up was found on The sets cover the 3rd and 4th books and includes … Continue reading New 2019 Harry Potter sets – first impressions!

Will Christmas bring some Yule ball magic – or return of the graveyard?

With no new Harry Potter sets revealed at the New York Toy Fair earlier this month, rumours of future sets are still thick. The previous list of five sets still seems both plausible and logical, and the potential Advent calendar could be totally awesome. Emerging photos of potential leaks of torso prints from the Yule … Continue reading Will Christmas bring some Yule ball magic – or return of the graveyard?