Two more Harry Potter sets coming!

Just as we thought we knew this year’s Harry Potter releases with five sets and an Advent calendar, two more sets emerged from and Mugglenet. Both sets should be available from August and cover the fourth book/movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, supplementing the Tri-wizard tournament set and the Hogwarts clock tower set previously revealed well. Let’s have a closer look!

75958 – Beauxbatons’ Carriage – Arrival at Hogwarts – 49.99 euros

Firstly, we get the carriage that the students from the Beauxbatons’ School of Magic arrived in when visiting Hogwarts for the Tri-wizard Tournament.

It’s the larger of the two sets with 430 pieces included.

It’s bright blue colour and gold ornaments looks great. It’s towed by two flying horses (called Abraxans) and carries headmistress Madam Olympe Maxime as well as Tri-wizard contestant Fleur Delacour and her younger sister Gabrielle. As shown on the box, the carriage opens up so that it creates two floors with beds, drawers and a tea set.

The set also feature Hagrid ready to direct the landing of the carriage. Interestingly, he is wearing a tie, matching the outfit he was wearing at the Yule ball and thus supplementing the Clock tower set well, as he wasn’t included there (along with the other dressed up characters) even though Madam Maxime was.

Overall the set looks really great and include a number of interesting characters that hasn’t been released before the 2019 series of sets, but may be seen as rather expensive with a price of 49.99 euros suggested.

95965 – The Rise of Voldemort – 19.99 euros

The smaller of the two sets covers the scene at the graveyard (previously covered by the very hard to get Graveyard Duel set 4766) the portkey took Harry and Cedric to following the third and final challenge of the Tri-wizard Tournament.

The set includes Tom Riddle’s tombstone, his grave and four minifigures: Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew and a death eater. The tombstone has a minifig statue too, and with the set priced relatively low, this will be good value counting the figures alone.

Wonder if there will be any further sets coming to surprise us in 2019? A large direct to consumer (D2C) set?

Time will tell. Till then, build the magic!

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