Brick built Hedwig announced

Along with five other sets, today’s announcement of the 2020 LEGO Harry Potter sets included a set with a large brick built model of Hedwig. When rumours started emerging that we would see such a model, I initially thought it would be a remake of the US Target exclusive model from last year made available as normal retail. But this is a brand new model, as we shall see here…


Set 75979 – 39.99 €/$ – 630 pieces

Capture the magical personality and elegant movement of Hedwig, the celebrated owl from the Harry Potter films. Available exclusively from Barnes and Noble in the US and many other retailers globally.

Turn the handle to make the wings flap. And with a wingspan of over 13” (34cm) and a beak-to-tail measurement of over 7” (20cm), this Hedwig collectible LEGO® set makes an impressive display that is sure to be the center of attention.

It also includes a minifigure of Harry Potter (new torso print) and the new minifigure scale version of Hedwig we saw revealed the other day in the Owl Delivery polybag.

Do you like such display pieces – or would you rather give it a pass? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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