REVIEW: Hogwarts Moments – Potions Class

76383: Hogwarts Moments – Potions Class

Thanks to LEGO’s AFOL Engagement Team, I have had the opportunity to have a look at the new Hogwarts Moments series before they hit the shelves in January 2021. There will be four of those sets, one for each of the Hogwarts Houses, and with this review of the Slytherin book, I have covered all four. As you would expect, this is centred around a Potions Class. Enjoy…

With this post, I complete the review of the four buildable books in the new Hogwarts Moments series due in stores in January 2021. Lucky last is the Slytherin book, having previously covered the three other books:

Box and content

The box is “book shaped” in the sense it is taller than it is wide. The front shows the book as main feature. As discussed in the previous post, the box is pretty large compared to the actual book when built, which could disappoint some customers.

In addition to the photo of the book, the front as usual also lists the minifigures in the lower left corner. In the lower right corner is an insert photo, teasing what the set looks like when the book is opened up.

Looking at the back of the box, we get to see how the opened book looks in more detail. In its opened form, the book represents the potions classroom. Draco and Neville are making potions under the strict supervision of Professor Snape. Two small insert photos show that the book can be opened – and that there will be four of them (encouraging you to “collect them all”, should you have any money left after Christmas).

Inside the box you find two numbered bags, three plates (including two of the new book cover pieces), the instructions and a sticker sheet. The latter is loose within the box, but while the edges of the sheet were slightly creased, all stickers were still in perfect shape when I unpacked the box.

As seen, one of the green book cover pieces is printed (this will be the front cover), the other is not. I’m glad I didn’t have to apply such a big sticker.


As all other sets in the Hogwarts Moments series, the set includes three figures. In this case we get Professor Severus Snape (Head of Slytherin) along with Draco Malfoy and Seamus Finnigan.

The Gryffindor book I reviewed most recently had an much improved Professor McGonagall with a crooked wizard hat which is dual moulded to include her hair. The Hufflepuff book covering a Herbology class had an excellent new Professor Sprout, and the Ravenclaw book had an unique early movie version of professor Flitwick. So the bar is set pretty high. And here Snape fails. It is a good figure, but nothing beyond what we have seen previously. It is very similar to the version included in the 2018 Whomping Willow and Quidditch Match sets, though that version actually had printed legs, which is missing from this set.

In terms of students, firstly we have Draco Malfoy in his Slytherin Sweater. I guess the books at targeting young Harry Potter fans as much as adult collectors, and including famous characters will attract new buyers. But new versions of both Goyle and Crabbe are long overdue. Not to mention Pansy Parkinson, who has never featured as minifigure.

We also get Seamus Finnigan from Gryffindor. He has previously only featured in the Whomping Willow, so it is good to see him again. And a good choice as Gryffindor and Slytherin often had Potions lessons together, and Seamus had a habit of getting things to explode.

The figures are illustrated below, showing them from their front with their happy faces on (yes, this is Snape’s happy face). It is worth noting that the students sweaters are in a new version compared to the 2018-20 version. The colour bands are slightly wider and the house crests added. While this is bad for consistency (if you want many similar looking uniforms), it is an improvement as the colours were not that visible in the previous version and it was hard to tell in particular Slytherin and Ravenclaw students apart.

All three figures come with alternative face prints, showing anger (or in the case of Seamus – the result of yet another explosion).

All three figures have their torsos printed on the back as well.

Overall, three decent minifigures, but let us hurry on to look at the book itself.

The build

Bag 1 gives you two of the figures, and otherwise gets you building a few small models and then you get started on the book cover. The small models include a blackboard, a desk, a large chair for Professor Snape and a small storage shelving unit with a cauldron and other equipment for potions classes.

You also get to build the book cover. On the inside, you have to apply three pretty large stickers. While not that difficult to place, I do find it is hard to avoid air bubbles.

The second bag gives you the third minifigure (Seamus) and lets you complete the model, which feature a long wall from the potions classroom. As seen below, when folded out, it is asymmetric, which I kind of like. In comparison, both the Charms and Transfiguration books were symmetric. The Herbology class was also asymmetric, separating the inside and outside of the greenhouse, which worked well. In comparison, the Slytherin book below has a great classroom, but nothing really useful on the back of the wall.

The choice of colours help to create the dungeon impression.

Below a few close-ups photos of the potions class.

Overall, I like how the class looks. And it all packs up nicely for “storage” as a book – though you can’t really fit the figures in there unfortunately.


When I first heard about these sets, I was a bit unsure how they would work. But I think they have turned out very well. The books look impressive both when folded up as classroom and as book. Having shown them to a number of people, the reactions have been positive and I think they will be popular, both as display pieces for collectors and play sets for younger Harry Potter fans.

With the three other books, the figures were a major selling point. But in this case, the figures are good, but none of them really exceptional, though it is nice to see Seamus again as minifigure.

The class room, when extended out, looks great and I like the dark classroom in the dungeon vibe. As with the other books, it is rather reliant on stickers which requires a steady hand to apply and for the larger ones, to ensure you don’t leave any air bubbles.

In terms of design, the only flaws I can think of is the lack of space to store the three figures included, when the book is folded up. The figures can stand on top, but you’ll need to back it all carefully in a bag if you’re going travelling with it. Also, as noted, the size is a bit small compared to what the box may suggest. But otherwise, this is an nice addition to the Harry Potter range, offering something different, and which looks excellent.

With this, I’ve reviewed all four Hogwarts Moments sets. They are all on the reviews page. Which one is your favourite? Next up is another 2021 set – the Harry Potter wall art set. Check back soon for a review of this very different set.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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